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The History of Chiropractic Care – Over 4,000 Years of Pain Relief

People have been performing chiropractic care since as early as 2700 BC in China when the people of the region were working long days developing at the back-aching process to make silk fabrics. Ancient Greeks in 1500 BC also used the medical technique, most likely to relieve men and women responsible for the labor involved to create wonders like Knossos, the largest, most elaborate palace of its time. Ancient texts from those times detail the practice of manipulating the spine and adjusting the lower extremities in an attempt to ease pain.

The History of Disc Jockeys – From Broadcasting Gramophones to Streaming Satellite Radio

Although gramophone records were first commercially produced in America in the year 1892, they would not be broadcast over audio radio waves for another fourteen years when, in 1906, a contralto vocal of William Handel’s Largo was transmitted by Reginald Fessenden. And then it took another three years for someone to come up with the idea of regularly announcing the records, thus in 1909 the role of the disc jockey was born.

The History of Shampoo – 7000 Years of Clean Hair

Early civilizations of humans began to develop into a hierarchy of society as early as 5000 B.C. Over the next thousand or so years the various cultural ranks of society arranged according to their place in agricultural or urban centers, each adopting its own set of principles for what was and was not acceptable in regards to personal hygiene.

The History of Ferrari – From the 125 Sport to the 458 Spider

The history of Ferrari actual began before the company was even born, with Italian automobile manufacturer Alfa Romeo. Employed by the company from 1920 until 1929, Enzo Ferrari, who knew from age 12 that he wanted to be a race car driver, adopted his cavallino insignia for his Alfa Romeo racecar. The black prancing stallion on a yellow background is now an iconic symbol associated with traits like prestige, credibility, and respect.

The History of Teeth Whitening Strips – So Easy, Cavemen Did It

Nearly a decade ago GEICO, an auto-insurance company, started an ad campaign that claimed getting low car insurance rates was so easy, “a caveman could do it.” My favorite shows a caveman and his modern-day girlfriend at the beach. They no sooner get settled when an airplane flying a GEICO banner passes overhead, an act that causes the caveman to go sit in the car.

The History of Antivirus Software – Protection from Devious Programmers

When people hear the phrase “antivirus software” they often think of modern ways that scammers and other devious computer enthusiasts use to try and steal their information or harm their hard drive. However, Hungarian-American mathematician John von Neumann was publishing articles on the topic of computer viruses as early as 1966.

The History of Spaghetti – Pondering the Pedigree of Pasta

Who doesn’t love spaghetti? I prefer to eat it like Italian actress Sophia Loren, who says, “Spaghetti can be eaten most successfully if you inhale it like a vacuum cleaner.” Sure, it won’t make me thinner but I can’t beat the taste – especially if it’s topped with marinara sauce and meatballs and served up with a side of cheesy garlic bread.

The History of the Atkins Diet – How Science Revolutionized Food Plans

By the time the latest edition of the Atkins diet, “The New Atkins for a New You”, appeared on the New York Times best-seller list in 2010 – seven years after Atkins’ death – the term “Atkins diet” was nearly a household name. While other diets have come and gone over the past few decades, they’re nothing more than fads when compared to the time-tested Atkins diet. One of the reasons for its success was because its creator not only understood the need to include real food, but also knew how to balance those foods for optimal weight loss.

The History of Exercise Bikes – More than 200 Years of Stationary Workouts

Retired cyclist Chris Carmichael once said, “Where there’s a wheel, there’s a way.” Men first began using wheels around the middle of the Bronze Age, which took place during the 4th millennium BC. For nearly 5,800 years men used wheels for transporting things, navigating vehicles, gathering water, spinning pottery, and running machinery.

History of the Total Gym® – Building Better Bodies Since 1974

Competitive body builder Tom Campanaro developed the first Total Gym® in 1974 with two partners, Dale McMurray and Larry Westfall. Their company, based in San Diego, California originally worked under the name Total Gym Incorporated. Their idea was to create an exercise machine that incorporated movements that the body uses to do everyday tasks, working both with and against the natural laws of gravity.

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