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The History of Ring Tones – Classical to Rap

The air is alive with the sound of ring tones…or something like that. But it really is. Everywhere you go you can hear distinctive and unique cellphone rings, identifying a phone, or a particular caller. You can hear Beethoven, or you can hear 50 Cent. But have you ever wondered where the idea for this came from? Let’s take a look.

The History of Replacement Windows – Seeing Out Through the Years

The history of replacement windows is a fairly recent one. The replacement window industry has just got into full swing in the last thirty years or so. But of course, before we can have replacement windows, we would have to have the first windows that needed replacing. So this history lesson is based on the creation and development of glass panes, and how they became an integral and necessary part of home construction.

The History of Projectors – The Battle for Brightness

The History of Phonecards – The World Communicates

The history of prepaid phonecards is indeed an international affair. We’ll take you on this trip around the world, and bring you up-to-date on an industry that’s growing at an absolutely incredible pace. Then, with all that information under your belt, you’ll be able to enter the phonecard market with a clear understanding of exactly what you need.

The History of Motorcycle Helmets – Dead or Alive?

Dead or alive? You betcha! That’s been the question surrounding the use of motorcycle helmets for many decades. And the big question is: Whose choice is it? That’s what we’re going to explore here in this history of motorcycle helmets. We’ll follow the path of the laws through the years, along with the effects of those laws – from both sides. It’s an interesting controversy. And the fact that it’s still not settled, gives it even more significance.

The History of Mother’s Day – Do It for Your Dear Old Mom

Have you ever thought of where Mother’s Day comes from? Do you know how it came about that we pick one special day a year to show our appreciation for all the things our mothers do for us? God knows she deserves it. And isn’t that just it? Isn’t that what it’s all about – appreciation? Giving our mothers what they deserve? After all, it is Mother’s Day. And if you wonder about the origin of this day – her day, then you’ll probably find this history of Mother’s Day very enlightening.

The History of Home Mortgages – A “Dead Pledge”

Mortgages are a part of our everyday lives – something we wouldn’t normally think about as far as their origin. You’d probably be surprised to learn how far back the history of home mortgages goes. But no matter how many years old this system is, the basics have never changed – the high value of real estate puts it beyond the reach of most people. So the only way to buy property is to borrow money. And that’s what they did as far back as the year 1190.

The History of Memorial Day – Stand Up and Salute!

Memorial Day isn’t a day of mourning – it’s a day of celebration. We, in the Western World, sometimes take for granted the lifestyle we have – the democracy, the freedom. But we need to take the time on Memorial Day to remember why we have this freedom, and who was responsible for giving it to us. So, to inspire you to do that, we’ll look at the history of Memorial Day, and why it still remains as a special day of the year.

The History of Labor Day – Work or Play?

The History of Independence Day – A Celebration of Freedom

Hey, want to go to a birthday party? It’s the biggest party of the year. In fact, it’s happening all across the United States. It’s at my place, it’s at your place, it’s at everyone’s place. It’s on the Fourth of July – Independence Day. It’s a celebration of the freedom achieved by a new nation. The history of Independence Day is quite interesting. So acquaint yourself with the facts, and you’ll realize why it’s such a cause for celebration.

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