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The History of College Savings Funds – the Rise of Education (Costs)

We’ve always had education. But it hasn’t always cost as much as it does now. It’s only recently that the price of education has risen. That’s why the history of college savings funds is fairly recent. In fact, it goes back only about 35 years. This history is comprised of developments and changes in government funding, in one form or another. We’ll break it down as simply as we can and explain to you, on the way, the importance of the college savings plans governments have implemented. Sit back – you’re in for an education.

The History of Camcorders – The Smaller the Better

Have you heard what the car experts are saying these days? They say that any new car built today is better than any car built ten years ago. It’s simply a function of technological advancement. That’s probably true of anything today that progresses with improved technology. And the camcorder is no exception. As we look at the history of the camcorder, we’ll see that there was a definite race going on between the manufacturers, each trying to be the first at introducing the newest features. But the whole industry had something in common – they wanted to produce a simple way for people to create interesting and entertaining movies, from the first-time amateur to the professional. And you’ll see that they did just that.

The History of Cable TV – Can You Remember?

This is the history of cable TV – a history that’ll probably spark many memories for baby boomers. For baby boomers are the TV generation. They grew up as TV grew. So we’d like to present a little flashback – both Canadian and American – to help you remember those days when TV was a luxury, not a necessity. Sit back, and remember. And for those of you who aren’t that old, sit back with your parents.

The History of the Bra – An Uplifting Story

The history of the bra is indeed an uplifting story. And the facts here are backed with lots of support. These facts will keep you abreast of the lives and times of bras. There’s nothing to hide, so we’re revealing all the facts. There’s nothing unmentionable in this history. We’ll be up front with you when we present this interesting story. So let’s snap to reality and fill our cups with knowledge.

The History of the Atkins Diet – A Revolutionary Lifestyle!

Statistic: 61% of people in the United States are overweight. Are you among them? Are you a statistic in your own country? If you are – or even if you think you are – perhaps you’ll be interested in the history of diets; in particular, the Atkins Diet. But a history of the Atkins Diet wouldn’t be complete without first looking at the history of diets in general.

The History of Affiliate Programs – Designed for Success!

Affiliate Programs, or Associate Programs, as they’re sometimes called, are a huge source of income for hundreds of thousands of aspiring affiliate marketers. These programs came onto the scene only recently; that is, within the last decade. The history of Affiliate Programs is somewhat obscure, at least in the opinion of some affiliate researchers. Let’s look at what they’ve dug up.

The History of Cell Phones – A Vision Realized

Samuel Morse was a man of vision. His vision, his dreams, have become the paving stones for what is now known as the information superhighway. The leading technology in the creation and progress of this telecommunication spectacle is the cell phone and its derivatives. So you may wonder how we got from Samuel Morse to where we are today…and where we’re going tomorrow. To ease your curiosity, following is a history of cell phones. Sit back, relax and enjoy.

The History of Christmas – A Gift to All

Christmas is a time of tradition. And there are so many traditions associated with Christmas, like turkey dinners, decorated trees, Christmas cards, Santa Claus, mistletoe, yule logs, carols and bells. Many of the things we do at Christmas are based on Christianity, but many have other interesting origins. So we’ve put together this overall history of Christmas, and included as many little histories as we can. So prepare to be enlightened.

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