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The History of Sunglasses – Vital For Our Eyes

Exactly when sunglasses first appeared is not clear, but some archeologists have posited that the Inuit peoples from prehistoric times wore flattened pieces of walrus ivory with narrow slits through which they could look while blocking the harmful rays of the sun.

The History Of Retirement Planning

Retirement planning is a relatively new concept in the financial world. In fact, it didn't even exist 100 years ago.

In traditional cultures the elders were considered productive and respected members of society until their death. They were highly valued for their accumulated wisdom, insight and experience. Nobody considered "retiring" them because they were integral to how traditional society functioned. Sure, their roles changed as they aged, but they always had an important role to play.

Dog Training Down Through Time

The strong relationship between men and dogs goes back deep into the history of civilization.  When society depended on hunting to survive, they quickly realized that by teaming up with dogs both species prospered.  The working relationship between the two was truly a partnership, which resulted in a natural understanding between man and dog as they worked closely together.  As a result, when dogs underwent training, it was as much about helping the each to understand the other as it was about improving his ability to perform.

The History of NutriSystem – Heavy Weights

Little did Harold Katz know in 1971 when he set out to create a business to help people lose weight that almost 40 years later the company would become a leading provider of weight management products and services.  NutriSystem, the business which made him rich, started meagerly with $20,000 emptied from his savings account and another $20,000 obtained from a second mortgage on Katz’s home. The son of a grocer with no formal education beyond high school, Katz set out to build his business at the age of 34 after observing his mother’s battles with her own weight loss.

The History Of Weight Watchers

The History of Scooters – Zipping Through the Years

Have you noticed that there are more scooters on the streets these days? Don’t they look like fun? They look as though you can just hop on them and have a blast riding around town. And you can! They’re delightful machines, offering not only a very affordable mode of transportation, but a lot of opportunities to have fun just zipping around. We’re going to look at the history of scooters, and see how people have been depending on them to get around town, for over a century.

The History of Perfume – Years of Fragrant Potions

In keeping with people’s desire to look the best, smell the best, feel the best – be the best – perfume has played an important role throughout history. Most of us don’t think of how long perfume’s been around – we just know that we like to apply the fragrance we love, to make ourselves feel attractive. Well, if you look at the history of perfume, you’ll see that its original purpose wasn’t quite the same. And we’re going to do just that right now.

The History of Dieting – Our Love of Food

The History of Credit Monitoring

The History of Credit Monitoring coming soon. (gm)

The History of Computers

The History of Computers coming soon.

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