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The History of Bohemian Glass - Coloring with Chemistry

Some consider that Bohemian Glass may be epitomized by the deeply colored, iridescent glassware and lighting designs that sprung from the likes and inspiration of Loetz. Others will recall more traditional cut crystal glass prisms often used in chandeliers, though perhaps of a lesser quality than the present day recognized market leaders. Few however would ever dispute the extraordinary beauty and sheer variety of glassware and lighting products that Bohemian Glass artisans, and artists alike, have brought to the lucent world of glass.

The History of Blacksmiths - Wroughters of Iron

The first of these terms, blacksmith, is derived from the two words, black and smite. Black refers to iron since that was the color of the metal (as compared with the colors of the commonly worked metals of that time: copper, bronze, gold and tin). Since the working of the iron involved hammering, the term smite was used. So we have the word blacksmith: the one who smites iron.

The History of Swarovski - Crystal Jewels Eminently Adorning High-Fashion Couture, Showcases and Chandeliers Alike

Swarovski - the world renowned manufacturer of beautifully shaped, colored and ornate crystal products - grew out of a family business. Originally established in the early 19th century, this company has now spanned 3 centuries. The principal founder of this company Daniel Swarovski apprenticed within his father's own Bohemian glass foundry.

The History of Clipart – From Analogue Printing Presses to Digital Imagery

15th Century Clipart

The history of clip art can be traced back to the days of plate printing. In the late medieval period, somewhere around the 15th century, etchings and carvings were made, filled with ink and paper was placed over the top to enable the artist to recreate numerous copies of the same work. While that may not be reminiscent of anything that is currently understood as Clipart, it is certainly the beginning of the story. From there, as plate printing progressed, so did the art forms associated with the printing press.

The History of Computer Graphics – From 2-D to Fully Animated Graphic Imagination

The History of Graphics can be traced all the way back to prehistoric man. However, this article is aimed at providing an informative and comprehensive history of the computer graphic, CGI or Computer Graphic Imagery and Graphic Animation. Computers have been used to various degrees to transfer information since the 1940s. However, it was not until the 1980s that computers were used in a consolidated manner that allowed for fully interactive communications in what we now know as the World Wide Web.

History of Organic Farming: the Age-Old Methods of Agriculture Are Rediscovered and Revitalized

What's New is Really Old

While many think of organic farming as something new that has gained in popularity since the 1980s, it is actually very old and indeed the traditional or original form of agriculture – how farming was always done. As such we can tap its roots deep into the annals of so-called ‘primitive’ civilizations, by tracking back some 12,000 years and beyond into prehistory. What is new historically is the use of synthetic fertilizers introduced in abundance during the early part of the 20th century and chemical pesticides used in the second half.

The History of Shutters - From Marble and Straw Mats to Metal and Poly-Wood Slats


Exactly where and when the first window shutters were thought of or installed is lost in the mists of time. However, the common consensus is that they have their origin in Europe and even more specifically in ancient Greece.

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