The History of Sexy Lingerie – Staying Abreast of the Silhouette

Ah, the female silhouette. It can really vary, can’t it? And it really has – over the ages. What’s been acceptable to society has changed from one extreme to the other – and back again. But the silhouette has been governed by what’s draped over it. And throughout history, it’s been adorned in many different ways, with different areas accentuated along the way.

The History of the Bra – An Uplifting Story

The history of the bra is indeed an uplifting story. And the facts here are backed with lots of support. These facts will keep you abreast of the lives and times of bras. There’s nothing to hide, so we’re revealing all the facts. There’s nothing unmentionable in this history. We’ll be up front with you when we present this interesting story. So let’s snap to reality and fill our cups with knowledge.

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