The History of Antihistamine Drugs – A Timeline

We tend to think of Allergic Rhinitis remedies as relatively modern creations.  However, scientists have been working to develop better and better hay fever treatments for over a century.  Read on to learn more about the past, present and potential future of these “miracle” drugs.

The History of Medifast – Professional Connections

The 1970s and 1980s was a boom time for the weight loss industry. It seemed like a new diet plan was born every day and everybody had an exercise mat for whatever the newest popular exercise regime was. Dr. William Vitale, however, had a different idea. In 1980, he founded Medifast, a diet plan that you could only obtain via a prescription from a doctor.

The History of Weight Watchers – Humble Beginnings

Anyone that’s ever looked into weight loss has heard of Weight Watchers. This company has consistently been one of the top dogs in the industry for decades and shows no signs of slowing down. But where did it all begin for Weight Watchers? Let’s have a look and see.

The History of Nutrisystem – Modern Innovator

In 1971, 34-year old Philadelphia native Harold Katz got an idea in his head after witnessing his own mother’s struggles with weight loss. Katz was the son of a grocer with no college degree, yet he set out to create a weight loss system that broke the commonly-held perceptions about weight loss by including medical supervision and behavioral counseling, along with low calorie meals.

The History of Wheelchairs – Freedom to Move

A wheelchair is at its core quite simply that – a chair mounted on wheels. The purpose of a wheelchair is to provide locomotion to an individual who lacks the ability to walk under their own power.

The History of Mobility Scooters – Comfort and Dignity

A mobility scooter has a seat over 3, 4 or 5 wheels, a flat platform for the feet, and handlebars in front for steering. The seat often swivels to allow easy access. Mobility scooters are nearly always battery powered. Batteries are charged by an onboard battery charger of by plugging in to a standard electric power socket.

The History Of Coca-Cola – A Soft Drink Linked To Obesity?

“It’s the real thing.”

“Can’t beat the feeling.”

“Make it real.”

The History of Lift Chairs – Continued Independence

Believe it or not, the concept of the “recliner” has only been around since the early 1920s. Two cousins, Edward Knabusch and Edwin Shoemaker, first received a patent in 1931 for the soft oversized chairs we know today as recliners. Several years later, the two cousins founded the popular company we know today as “La-Z-Boy.” Ever since, recliners and overstuffed single-seater chairs have exploded in the furniture market. Today in almost every home in America, Europe and Canada, you can find recliners in almost every living room.

The History of Wheelchairs – Getting Around

Believe it or not wheelchairs have been around for almost 1400 years, and probably even sooner. Ancient historians believe the wheel was created around 4000 B.C. and there's no evidence suggesting that humans didn't create methods of transportation for the disabled and sick. It's thought that human ingenuity and design most likely created the first wheelchair in ancient Greek and Roman times, especially for the more sickly noble classes who could afford such luxuries of design.

The History of NutriSystem – Heavy Weights

Little did Harold Katz know in 1971 when he set out to create a business to help people lose weight that almost 40 years later the company would become a leading provider of weight management products and services.  NutriSystem, the business which made him rich, started meagerly with $20,000 emptied from his savings account and another $20,000 obtained from a second mortgage on Katz’s home. The son of a grocer with no formal education beyond high school, Katz set out to build his business at the age of 34 after observing his mother’s battles with her own weight loss.

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