The History of Home Gallery Stores – Century of Selling

Since 1913, Home Gallery Stores has been in the business of manufacturing the highest quality furniture and accent pieces for homes across the country. This is nearly a century of selling products with quality and exceptional customer service; very few companies can boast such a reputable and respected history. Home Gallery Stores treats their customers so well that generations have made it a tradition of shopping there for years. It's hard to not trust a company where your parents, grandparents and possibly even your great grandparents shopped!

The History of Rocking Chairs - A Timeless Classic

A rocking chair, also called a rocker is a chair with two curved bands of wood attached to the bottom of the legs. This type of chair makes contact with the floor at only two points. That gives the person sitting in the chair the ability to rock back and forth. This is usually done by shifting the weight or pushing lightly with the feet.

The History of Wood Routers – If It Ain’t Broke Don’t Fix It

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine life without all our modern conveniences. Can you imagine doing the same work you do now, for the same pay, without the modern inventions you use everyday? That’s why it’s imperative that you know the history of such items – so that you will have an appreciation for what you have. In this case, we are talking about woodworkers and wood routers.

The History of Safes – Centuries of Security

For as long as there have been people there has been theft. Nobody likes it, but it’s something that we just have to live with. People will covet what they do not have, and some of them will act on that feeling. So we have to protect our property. In ancient times, security mostly came down to locks on intricate chests of metal or wood. It was not until recent centuries, however, that the safe came into common use.

The History of Kitchen Blenders – Invaluable Invention

No matter who you are, you know what a blender is. Even if you’re not much of a kitchen aficionado, the blender has become part of the lexicon. The blender has seen a variety of uses since its invention almost 100 years ago, but really gained in popularity with the rise of exotic mixed drinks in bars across the globe. Let’s take a look at where this invaluable invention came from so we can gain an appreciation for its genius and no longer take it for granted.

The History of Food Processors – European Flavor

If you’ve ever used a food processor versus doing all the chopping by hand, you probably have a pretty good appreciation for what this device does. So imagine what it was like before the invention of the processor just 50 years ago! Though it is widely used in the domestic markets these days, the food processor saw its advent in the commercial catering industry.

The History of Clothes Dryers – Ready to Wear

Clothes dryers are another one of those things that we take for granted every day – until ours breaks down and we scramble to figure out what to do. If you’ve ever attempted to dry your wardrobe without a dryer, you know the difference they make. So what about the history of these indispensable appliances? Have you ever stopped to think about where they came from?

The History of Washing Machines – The Evolution of Clean

Keeping our clothes clean has long been an important issue for about as long as humans have been wearing them. Clean clothes help keep you comfortable, healthy and smelling better. Though you can go back to the olden days of scrubbing on rocks or washboards, the modern electric washing machine we are all familiar with was not around until the 1900s.

The History of Bohemian Glass - Coloring with Chemistry

Some consider that Bohemian Glass may be epitomized by the deeply colored, iridescent glassware and lighting designs that sprung from the likes and inspiration of Loetz. Others will recall more traditional cut crystal glass prisms often used in chandeliers, though perhaps of a lesser quality than the present day recognized market leaders. Few however would ever dispute the extraordinary beauty and sheer variety of glassware and lighting products that Bohemian Glass artisans, and artists alike, have brought to the lucent world of glass.

The History of Swarovski - Crystal Jewels Eminently Adorning High-Fashion Couture, Showcases and Chandeliers Alike

Swarovski - the world renowned manufacturer of beautifully shaped, colored and ornate crystal products - grew out of a family business. Originally established in the early 19th century, this company has now spanned 3 centuries. The principal founder of this company Daniel Swarovski apprenticed within his father's own Bohemian glass foundry.

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