The History of Baby Strollers – Getting Them There is Half the Fun

I was surprised to learn that the first push chair dates back to the reign of George I.  In 1733, garden architect William Kent created a wheeled basket to transport the Duke of Devonshire’s children on walks.  Originally designed to be pulled by a goat or large dog, Kent’s ornate design was popular with the wealthy but slow to catch on with common folk.  A century would pass before their popularity would spread to America and the design would be improved upon to include brakes and parasol style covers.

The History of Baby Food – From Breast to Bread

The Gerber Baby is an International icon, a symbol of the perfect cute child, ready to eat the food created especially for her nutritional needs.  From the vibrant blue eyes to the healthy pink cheeks, she sends the message that there is a company out there that is devoted to developing the perfect for your child at each stage of his life.  However, it has not always been thus.

The History of Strollers – Rolling Along!

Baby strollers have come a long way in a history that spans nearly three hundred years. But just how far have they come? At first glance, you may think that today’s active strollers have nothing in common with the Victorian styled prams of the 1700s, but you may be surprised that they still share some very basic design features.

The evolutionary journey of the baby buggy is full of fits and stops, but it is a path clearly marked through history by several very big turns.

The History of Weddings – Tying the Knot through the Ages

Precisely where and when the first wedding was held will never be known, but it was an important turning point in human society. The tribes of prehistory were nomadic in nature, grouping together for protection against predators like saber-toothed cats, wolves and bears, and also to make it easier to secure water and their own hunting territories against rival groups.

The History of Phonics – The Oldest Argument in the World

Did you know that one of the most politicized debates going on right now across the country isn’t security, the war on terror, or even the abortion debate?

This debate has caused the death of many political careers while at the same time launched others into the stratosphere. As you read this, there are people in just about every corner of the country taking up arms for the side they believe in.

The History of Childbirth – Ouch!

After reviewing some of the history of childbirth, women can rejoice in the knowledge that there has never been a better time to give birth to a baby than now!

The History of Car Seats – The Ride That Saves Lives

Imagine for a second what a force trauma injury and subsequent change in lifestyle would do for your child. Damage to the frontal lobe could lead to many problems, such as memory impairment, educational or I.Q. dysfunction, or even the loss of the ability to read and write. Some emotional disturbances could also occur, such as hyperactivity, apathy, or inattentiveness.

The History of the Wedding Ring – A Recognizable Symbol of Love

The wedding ring, that most famous and instantly recognizable symbol of the
(hopefully perpetual) joining of a man and a woman as husband and wife in the
institution of marriage, has a long, wide spread and mysterious history. Its
beginnings lie in the deserts of North Africa, where the ancient Egyptian
civilization sprang up along the fertile flood plains of the river Nile. This
river was bringer of all fortune and life to the Pharaoh’s people and from
plants growing on its’ banks were the first wedding rings fashioned. Sedges,

The History of Wedding Invitations – Announcing the Big Day through the Ages

Just about everyone can relate to this.

You’re going through the mail, stacking the bills on one side and the junk mail on the other side when all of the sudden you come across your name delicately scrawled in perfect handwriting across a soft pink or blue envelope.

Thinking that it could be a letter from your Great Aunt May, and hoping desperately that this isn’t just a ploy by a collection company to make you feel bright and cheery before dropping a lawsuit in your lap, you open the envelope very carefully.

And there it is.

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